Welcome to Ameliorate Yoga. Come and have some fun – and find your balance! Ameliorate Yoga is based in the Gunnedah Shire and offers regular classes. We have classes tailored to younger and older people, and those with mobility issues or who are recovering from an injury. Get in touch with Amelia to find out more.

Yoga can be a journey, but it can also be something that adds another level of brilliance to your life. Through the stretches and movements of yoga, you can improve your fitness, your wellness, and your overall health. You can help achieve a balance between all the things that take your attention during the day, and the space you need to keep on doing them again tomorrow.

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I have been lucky enough to attend half a dozen of Millie’s classes now and can definitely feel an improvement in my mind and body overall as well as immediately after each class. I love that the classes are designed to meet the varying needs of all levels of Yogis. Thank you, Millie, you’re fabulous!

Elizabeth Bell

I love going Amelia’s yoga classes each week at Mullaley. She is encouraging for all ages and abilities. My flexibility and strength have improved quite a bit over the 12 months I have been attending. I look forward to every Wednesday!

Heather Martin

These classes are the perfect mix of challenge and relaxation. Millie is a wonderful yoga instructor and everyone at all levels is always welcome.

Sarah Cooke

Fantastic classes that leave you feeling calm, confident and bendy! ?

Allison West

Great yoga with lovely teacher.

Karen Kennedy

As a middle aged male farmer, I may not be the stereotypical demographic for yoga – but I cannot recommend Amelia and Ameliorate Yoga highly enough. Physically, I find it perfectly complements other exercise & training I do, is great for stretching, balance, flexibility & is a counter to back issues from spending long hours sitting behind a steering wheel or desk. However, I find the greatest benefit to me is the mental side of it. Yoga is a great way to calm the mind & it helps with relaxation, meditation & mindfulness – which are all tools to help with mental health. Amelia is passionate and enthusiastic about yoga, which is infectious & she presents a very friendly, calm, patient & “safe” environment in her classes.
Roy Stanger

What a beautiful class. Blissfully quiet and love the oils at the end

Adele Sullivan