About Amelia

Yoga found me rather than me finding yoga

Amelia Smith has always had an interest in fitness. But it wasn’t until she went looking for a return to yoga in Gunnedah after having her two boys that her own yoga journey really began.

She couldn’t find classes to join. 

As a Dietitian and a health practitioner, she knew the importance of healthy and balanced eating, and was keen to find a balance between her busy life and her own wellness. So she set out to become a yoga teacher.

Amelia says yoga has sent her on a life adventure.

She undertook her training through the Byron Yoga Centre, and now is a Registered Level 1 teacher and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia

Throughout her training, she was spurred on by the continuous enquiries by Gunnedah Shire people about when they could start classes. In 2018, Ameliorate Yoga began.

Amelia brings her own positive, fun attitude to yoga and can make it achievable for young or old, those with experience, those with mobility issues and those recovering from injuries.

She believes yoga can add to everyone’s lives, helping them make the most of their health and adding to a real sense of wellbeing.


Why yoga?

Yoga has benefits for everyone.

The three components of yoga – body, breath and mind – all bring a balance to everyday life, and can help with a range of health concerns.

There are so many benefits, whether it is through the movements or asanas, or pranayama – the slowing and balancing of breathing – or the calming of the mind. There are simple techniques that can help anyone.

Classes designed for children can help focus their minds and create calm in a busy day. Imagery, props, games and sounds, can all help keep younger children engaged.

Chair yoga also makes regular classes accessible to those with limited mobility, or those who are recovering from injuries.

Yoga can have a positive impact on anyone’s life, helping to keep them mobile and healthy.

Studies have shown yoga to be beneficial for a range of diseases and disorders and helpful for anything from injury to mental health. It is also a perfect way to improve general happiness and wellbeing – as well as being fun!

Whether you want to get through those anxious moments a little more easily, control your breathing to go to sleep at night, or you want to add to the strength and health of your body, yoga could be for you.