Spring cleaning your body

Welcome to Spring

The sun is shining in Sunny Gunny but this wretched drought has robbed many of us of the usual greenery and beauties of spring. Flowers and fresh growth may be few and far between but if you look closer you can see other signs of the chance of season; birds chirping, ladybeetles galore, longer days and warmer nights.

Whilst we are all praying for rain to wash away the dust, and refresh our spirits we see that “you can crush the flowers, but you can’t stop spring”- Alexander Dubcek.

Each spring I vow to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible while the weather is still mild. I’m spending time in my garden, wandering in the sunshine. When I see a flower or blossom I’m walking past a little more slowly in an effort to fully appreciate its fleeting beauty and its scarcity in these harsh conditions.

Springtime also evokes the urge for a spring clean. Dusting off the… well, dust; cleaning out the cupboard/fridge/closet; lightening our load. Reduce the things that weigh us down so we can thrive. Spring is the perfect time to clean up and streamline both our inner and outer worlds.

So how can yoga help us slough off our winter funk?

Spring can be a time to change asana practice on the yoga mat, including moves for a great spring cleaning of the body:

  • Heating up practice and promoting circulation with sun salutations and vinyasa flows,
  • Accommodate inner beauty unfolding in spring with a positive intention,
  • Strengthen the body with chair pose, plank and downward dog,
  • Open the body with poses that give you the feeling of blooming or growing such as tree pose, cresent lunge and warrior 2, low squat (malasana) and other hip openers,
  • Twisting poses such as twisting chair, lunge with a twist and easy seat (sukhasana) twist. Twists help us squeeze our digestive and vital organs, generating fresh blood and nutrient flow and removing toxins,
  • Activate a detox via the meridian lines related to the liver (inner legs) and gall bladder (outer legs) through pigeon pose, eagle pose and cow face pose,
  • Absorb all the work you’ve done by resting in Savasana.

If it’s been a while between practice, spring is the perfect time to ‘dust off’ the mat. Or if you’re a first time yogi then perhaps a time plant that seed.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

– Audrey Hepburn

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